A little more about us

Gold Summit (Pty) Ltd is a trusted South African Krugerrand dealer. We are an authorised dealer with Rand Refinery. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we offer secure and discrete selling and buying of Krugerrands.

Gold Summit (Pty) Ltd strives for unparalleled service excellence and pricing.

Why should you invest in Krugerrands?

Why buy Krugerrands? Krugerrands appeal to professional and private investors who wish to make a direct investment in gold bullion, hedge their portfolios against the US dollar or to further diversify their portfolio.
Easily exchanged for cash
Gold coin price goes up with gold price
Exempt from VAT
Simple to buy & sell
Most popular & widely traded coin in the world
Provides protection against uncertainty

Get your hands on the most traded coin in world markets.

Getting started is easy. Choose your coin and send through a purchase request.